Living a slow, fast life

My mind is at home but my body is still 3000km away. We just returned home from a week away in Perth, Western Australia, followed by a few days back in Melbourne seeing friends.

I love to travel, it’s in my DNA.

But, unfortunately, the jump in an Uber with carry on luggage days are gone, and instead we schlep bags upon bags of kid stuff from car to shuttle to terminal. And back again.

We’re now ‘those people’ who have stacked an airport trolley so high that you can’t turn a corner without losing the entire contents of your home onto the floor.

But, high maintenance travel is better than no travel.

You laugh, go with the flow and rest when you can – which in Perth meant 7pm bedtimes and 4am wake-ups. Rock and roll indeed.

We are home now for a few days before heading up to Sydney for a long weekend for my birthday. It just doesn’t stop at the moment.

I’m really looking forward to Sydney but at the same time craving home, and an empty schedule.

There are a lot of balls in the air right now.

The main ball is our home renovation. We’ve been trying to get architectural drawings done in time to make the planning deadline with the council to ensure we can have everything signed off early in the new year.

It’s nerve-wracking and stressful.

There’s a long to-do list, and with my history of taking on too much, it can feel a bit uncomfortable knowing I’m pushing things a bit harder than I should.

It’s probably the busiest life has been in the last two years so I’m hyper-aware of the warning signs that I’m sliding into Burnout mode again.

I’m taking preventive measures like getting off social media, putting my phone away in the evening and reading a physical book instead of a screen.

We’ve spent a lot of time with friends and family which definitely tops up my energy levels and simply deleting anything not important or urgent from my calendar helps immensely.

This busy period has got me thinking a lot about slow living.

It’s definitely a mantra that I live my life by, but contrary to what most people think, it’s not about doing every single thing annoyingly slow that it takes you five hours to walk to the front gate to check the mail.

Not at all.

Slow living is more about intention, awareness and simplicity.

Sometimes life’s a slower pace and sometimes it needs to be fast but the important thing is that you’re paying attention and not just rushing through the days before you notice a whole year has passed you by.

Brooke McAlary from Slow Your Home talks about the notion of tilting, the idea that a balanced life is a myth and instead we should tilt in and out of parts of our life based on what’s needed at a certain time.

Right now I’m tilting into a busy period of renovation planning and travel, whereas next month I might tilt more towards rest and self-care.

I love this idea and find it a lot more useful than the false economy of trying to perfectly balance your life. It’s impossible.

But tilting – tilting is doable.

As we head into one of the busiest times of the year – the Holiday season – maybe we can all think more about the things we’d like to tilt towards, and equally those we’d like to tilt away from.

If we can all be a little more intentional – slow when required but equally faster when it’s called for, we might head into the new year feeling a bit fresher than if we’d just been a passenger, watching our life from the backseat window.

Slow might just be the new fast, after all.

What are you tilting towards right now?