What happens when you drive yourself to breakdown, quit your six-figure job and shut a growing business all in the name of your ‘Why’?

Hey there! I’m Nicole, a 30-something recovering workaholic and I’m on a mission to live an amazing life according to my Why.

This blog follows every step of my journey – successes, failures, heartbreaks, elation and everything in between. I’ll share all the details, even when it’s hard, or embarrassing.

My little jewel thief – and a massive part of my ‘Why’

My story

Up until a year ago I was living life in the super-fast lane. And I was miserable.

Working in a high-flying, world-travelling six-figure job, studying for a Masters degree and starting my own business had not given me the fulfilment I had craved. I was lost.

I decided to leave London – my home for the past 10 years – to move home to Australia with my soon to be husband, believing this to be the magic-silver-bullet-answer to my growing discontentment. It wasn’t.

Within a few weeks of moving I completely crashed and burned, barely able to function and constantly on the verge of panic. I was scarily close to having a breakdown, and if I’m completely honest, losing it.

The realisation that I was both the cause and effect of my constant striving to achieve and be more, better, and faster was both a gift and a burden.

I was the only one who’d dug myself into the hole, so I had to learn how to dig myself out. And quickly. We had a baby girl on the way!

I shut down my business, deleted every single event in my calendar and on my to-do list, and gave myself space. Space that I hadn’t had in years, and frankly at the time, felt terrifying. But I slowly got the hang of it.

I started to recover. I went to work on myself, my beliefs, my values. I figured out the stuff I really cared about – my Why – and you guessed it, it had nothing to do with over-achieving and working myself to the bone.

Wine always helps

And now?

I’m a work in progress. I’ve made a lot of changes, but the journey continues – I’m human and I’m still figuring this stuff out.

I’ve officially been ‘unemployed’ – not working for myself or anyone else – since my burnout. This has been a huge change – and a challenging one for an over-ambitious Type-A – but one that has allowed recovery, as well as being a present and engaged stay at home parent.

I’m just about to embark on some pretty life-changing actions all in the name of my Why:

  • Moving to the country after most of my life living in big cities (Goodbye Lululemon, hello gumboots and Tweed);
  • Renovating a 130-year-old house, and, drumroll;
  • Hopefully at some point in the future, realising my lifelong dream of long-term travel and writing a book. All with my husband and kids in tow. Eeek.

Who knows where I’ll end up, or where this mission will take me.

One thing is certain – I’ll be sharing it all here. Every single messy, challenging bit of it.

If you’d like to follow along, then please, read on…

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