Book Review – Leap Year

What happens when a writer sets out to overhaul every part of her life over the course of one year? She writes a book about it of course!

Book Summary

Leap Year is written by Helen Russell, a mid-30’s British writer living in rural Denmark who is starting to wonder what her future holds.

Will she move back to the UK to be closer to her¬†family? What does she want to achieve in her career? How can she be happier and more fulfilled? She’s feeling stuck and sets out on a period of self-experimentation¬†all in the name of her ‘Leap Year’.

About The Author

Helen is the author of ‘The Year of Living Danishly’ (another great read) and her writing style is witty, conversational and fun.

She’s extremely funny and down to earth – it’s easy to come across a bit self-absorbed in this genre but you are on Helen’s side the entire book, rooting for her to find what it is she’s looking for and being entertained in the process.

Book Review

Part memoir, part non-fiction resource, Helen tackles different areas of her life over the course of a year – career, finances, relationships, friends, and health to name a few.

Her struggles, progress and thought process is weaved through the book along with loads of research and experiments of Helen’s own doing – like the sober rave dancing she partakes in in order to meet new friends, and power-posing in an open plan office before an interview.

It’s entertaining, inspiring and well-rounded. If you are feeling lost or want to plan a leap year of your own, this is a great way to motivate yourself to get started.

If you are looking for a ‘how to’ resource, this book isn’t it, but it will give you lots of ideas if you can read between the lines. With some of your own creativity and imagination, you could very easily emulate the transformation that Helen goes through over the course of her leap year.

And transform she does – month after month – and not only is the ending inspiring for reasons that may not seem obvious, it will have you itching to do some leaping of your own.

A very worthy 4 stars.