It’s never too late

What have you stopped yourself from pursuing because you thought you were too old?

Or you told yourself that other people have done it already so why should you bother?

I have struggled in the past with ‘too-late-itis’, the feeling that you have constantly missed the boat on an opportunity.

This state of mind is seriously debilitating and blatantly dangerous.

I truly believe it is mindset that is 90% responsible for a person’s success, not their circumstances. Circumstances can always be overcome with a positive mindset but not the other way around.

The ironic thing is that I let this mindset stop me from doing things in my 20s which looking back seems insane.

I was young and able yet felt society’s (and my own) pressure to be more and do more. When you feel like you’ll never be good enough it’s easy to constantly tell yourself it’s too late. It’s safe.

I often wonder what opportunities I missed by believing this rubbish, but I could never know. It’s better to focus on the opportunities I have now than to dwell on an unpursued path, but it’s important to acknowledge these lessons from the past. And you should too.

Times are a-changing though.

Yes, there’s more pressure on young people to be successful at an earlier age, but the Information Age coupled with a longer life expectancy means we can be productive well into old age in a wide range of pursuits.

One of the best things about the Internet is the ability to connect with other people. You can learn that you’re not alone in your goals and that others all around the world, of all different ages, are achieving them – so you damn well can too.

Like the powerlifting Grandmother who only started lifting weights when she was 76. Are you going to be the one to tell her she’s too old, or too late?

It truly is never too late to get started.

It wasn’t too late for JK Rowling, who in her 30s started writing and published a little book called Harry Potter – you may have heard of it.

It wasn’t too late for Samuel L. Jackson who appeared in his first movie at 46.

It wasn’t too late for Julia Childs who became a famous cook and landed her own TV show at 52.

It’s not too late for you either.

It’s not too late to write that novel. To get fit. To get healthy. To travel, to learn or to start that business.

No matter what you are or aren’t doing today, you could end up anywhere tomorrow. The people mentioned above prove it.

If you look hard enough I’d bet there is someone out there much older than you doing the thing you dream of, and what’s stopping them? Nothing at all.

So whatever your goal, your dream, your ambition – it’s not too late now and it won’t be too late in the future either.

Time to quash the too-late-itis and just do what that person on the other side of the world (or even next door) is doing – getting started.

So what’s stopping you?