When life forces you to slow down

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about feeling exhausted, and since then I’ve taken a break from writing.

Something that unfortunately had to come off my calendar due to the sheer amount of ‘life’ going on – frequent travel, my birthday, Q’s birthday, renovating and everything else.

It’s been a lot of fun, but my tank was nearing empty.

After a week at home catching up I was all geared up to be super productive and knock some lingering tasks off my to-do list over the weekend.

Of course, life had other plans.

On Saturday I came down ill with food poisoning – something I never get – and which I took as a wake-up call that I need to rest and stop worrying about to-do lists and productivity.

Old habits die hard it seems.

I’m feeling much better now but will be taking things easy and enjoying being a hermit for the next few weeks – with no travel or pressing ‘must-do’s’ planned in the near future.

It’s funny how life can push back when you try to grab on, and how letting go is the only option.

The only healthy one anyway.

I’ve done the reverse and that didn’t end well, so I’m sticking with the new plan.

So lesson learned: Listen when your body is telling you it needs rest, and scale back appropriately.

I’m going to take my own advice and go put the kettle on, my feet up, and a book into my hands.

Life may have other plans, but in this case they suit me just fine.