My Values

Today I want to share my Values and give some context around how these concepts shape my life.

Last week I shared my Why, which you can read here. I’d also recommend going back and reading the Values and Why post if you haven’t done so already.

Along with my Why, these three Values underpin pretty much all that I do, and the way I live my life.

Here they are:

Adventure – Always have fun, take the road less travelled and explore the world

Responsibility – To myself, my family, the planet

Lifelong Learning – Always keep learning, keep asking questions and value personal growth

In a way, these Values say much more than my Why.

They are the ‘How to’ component and are more actionable day to day.

These Values have been the catalyst for some big changes I have made in the last few months and am working on making currently.

Our move to the country is a big part of this – that’s adventure and responsibility.

Responsibility is also sacrificing convenience for being environmentally friendly and slowly doing away with all plastic items in our home.

It’s pushing myself to explore previously unseen parts of my neighbourhood and learning about Japanese art at a local exhibition.

I try to keep these Values top of mind every day and refer back to them regularly.

The rule of three’s works great for Values as I think more can be overkill, but it’s up to you.

You may have more, or less – just do what feels right.

I’ll be talking through the process of how I uncovered my Values and Why next.

In the meantime, what traits do you value?