One month to go!

City life will soon be a fond memory – it’s now less than one month until our move to the country! Me, husband, baby and cat…that’s going to be a fun car trip.

Nothings packed. Nothing’s organised, but it’s going to happen whether we’re ready or not.

It feels exciting and scary to be putting down roots and this last month I’m sure will bring with it a roller coaster of emotions.

Excitement. Fear. Regret. Contentment. Rinse and repeat.

I’m just trying to focus on the good stuff and forget about the niggling worries. The fact that we know no-one in our new city and that our nearest family will be four hours away. Our nearest friends an hour.

Ignoring these points may not prove to be the wisest choice, but hey, why dwell? I do feel prepared for the period of adjustment that will no doubt accompany this move, but these may end up as famous last words.

Really all I should be worrying about right now is how the hell you’re supposed to move house with a nine-month-old baby/mini tyrant and a possessed anti-travel feline!

I should probably start packing.

I’ve been decluttering for the last few months, and really the last few years. Ever since we started going minimalist packing has been easy, and we’ve done a lot of it – four moves in eighteen months – so hopefully this process will be relatively painless.

Again, famous last words.

Either that or I’ll end up selling the lot on Gumtree and we will be sitting on milk crates in our new place. This is somewhat appealing though – I’m not one for “stuff” and if left to my own devices would definitely sell it all – probably best if husband supervises me packing in all honesty.

I’m hoping this will be our last move for a little while. Please!

Going on our recent track record, who the hell knows! I do distinctly remember saying exactly one year ago that we wouldn’t move again for at least two years.

It’s clearly two steps forward and one step back on giving up my nomadic ways.

One thing is for sure, however – in one month we will be in our new home, in our new city, in the country.

Hopefully not on milk crates and with at least a shred of sanity left.

Fingers crossed.