One month in

It’s a bitterly cold Spring day, but here we are, living in the country and loving it.

I’ve been waiting for the what have we done?! moment to hit me – but nothing.

We’ve made some new, wine-loving friends, and are enjoying the less erratic pace of life that was inner city living.

I don’t miss the overstimulation that had started to get to me over the last few months – the traffic congestion, the cigarette smoke and the constant feeling of hurriedness that I felt stepping out the front door.

There’s a slower way of life here that I would not have been able to enjoy even one year ago, but that I now find soothing.

Two years ago a city of two million people felt like the Outback so it continues to astound me that I’m living in a city of 100,000 people and haven’t yet broken out in hives. Quite the contrary.

I looked at my husband earlier this week and could honestly say I love it here which was as shocking to him as it was to me. I think he knows the Londoner in me still lurks at the surface so I won’t go getting too ahead of myself proclaiming that I’ve found the promised land. I’ve been proven wrong before.

And it’s not rainbows and unicorns 24/7 here in the countryside.

It’s freezing cold and we’ve had a particularly bad run of weather which has kept us inside the past couple of weeks. But hey, it’s no London January.

It’s also getting used to the little differences – where to buy organic veggies or hunting down your favorite cheese which was so easy in the city but a bit more inconvenient here. First world problems they might be, but they do matter.

But it’s all good. Baby steps.

Change takes time but this move is feeling the easiest yet – far easier than leaving London to move back to Australia. It’s strange.

I suspect having a toddler and planning a renovation helps drastically with the settling in period. There’s not much time to sit around pondering what could have been or how life would be different if you’d taken road B instead of road A.

Leopards don’t change their spots however so I now sit and wait for the next opportunity for adventure to present itself.

My husband has lately thrown around the idea of spending the winters in a more forgiving climate owing to his work flexibility so who knows what the future holds.

For now, I’m just going to try to enjoy the moment for a little while before moving onto the next big shiny thing. After all, there’s an extension to be planned, local wineries to be explored and friendships to be forged.

Five minutes, at least.