The regret of change

Buying our house in the country is the biggest emotional purchase we’ve ever made so it’s only natural to feel some trepidation right?

Yes, we have invested in property before but it never felt that life-changing.

This is much different.

It’s ours.

For a nomadic type this has been something to get my head around.



Buying a home was my idea. It kind of crept up on me over the past year and I allowed the idea to permeate my consciousness instead of making up excuses as to why it wouldn’t work and quickly burying it – my usual reaction to suggestions of ‘settling down’ from well-meaning family members.

Don’t underestimate how out of character it was for me to even suggest this as a viable idea to my husband. The last grand plan I came up with involved selling everything we own, buying a camper van and then moving into an Airbnb in New York. Naturally.

So now we own a house.

I get so bought into the do it now/live your passion/you only live once mindset that I sometimes forget I’m only in my mid 30’s and have so much time left to live all of these dreams. And I have no doubt I will.

So why the buyer’s remorse?

Gretchen Rubins Happier podcast recently touched on the feeling of regret when going through life’s big changes – like moving, changing careers or making a huge decision.

She talked about the regret you are likely to feel no matter what – kind of like mourning for the choice you didn’t make – and how this is practically unavoidable.

It’s just part of the process and we shouldn’t mistake it for having made the wrong decision.

This is of course music to my ears at a time like this and knowledge I could have done with years ago.

Better late than never, I guess.

Maybe this means I’m doing this right after all?

New York can wait, for now.

Commitment? Bring it on.


2 comments on The regret of change

  • Mike

    Yes! Commuting to. One thing doesn’t have to be at the cost of all others! The candle burns for New York and when it’s time, get out the jet fuel and pour it on!

    • Nicole (author)

      Oh definitely, New York 2023 – the dream lives on! 😀

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