We’re officially treechangers!

I can confirm two things since moving to the country two days ago.

One: Baby’s and moving don’t mix.

Baby’s love to eat cardboard (well mine does – is that weird?) and there’s a lot of cardboard around when you move house.

I’ve spent the last three days chasing around an active soon-to-be-toddler, pinky at the ready, repeatedly fishing out soggy cardboard pellets from the roof of said toddler’s mouth.


The second thing I’ve learnt? Cats that have been trapped in a small box/feline jail in a car for hours will find a way to escape upon reaching their destination, thus sending their human butlers into an all-out neighbourhood expedition/frenzy armed with excessive quantities of dry food for bribery.

Oh yes, it’s been a fun few days.

But we’re in! Our very own home.

It feels exciting, terrifying and humbling all at once.

I’ve been stopping myself from going into overdrive thinking about everything that needs to be done – not just the unpacking but the seemingly endless list of improvements we want and need to make in this 130 year old Dame of a house.

There’s plenty of time for that stuff though.

This is our place – no one can tell us to move out or that we can’t hang a piece of art where we want to hang it.

I want to enjoy this feeling, whatever it is.

There’s no point in rushing, even if it is my default setting. Hopefully this new simpler, slower way of life in the country will help me with that. We’ll see.

It’s time to settle in and let the reality of this huge move slowly make itself known.

At the moment it all seems surreal and a bit like a holiday – apart from the clutter-for-days and freezing weather – no one wants that on a holiday, do they?

For now, I’ll continue chasing our relentless toddler along the creaky hallway and wait for it to feel real.

And constantly checking the cat hasn’t escaped again of course. And if she does – I’ll be ready with another food-based bribe.

Exciting, terrifying and humbling indeed.