Why I started this blog

As of today, its been about a year since I started my recovery from burnout. A year since I hit ‘delete’ on my to do list, and blew up my life as I knew it.

I’ve done a lot of thinking. Decompressing.

It’s been great.

I have slowly unravelled from a period of overwork that I now see lasted the best part of five years.

They say there is no substitute for time, and unfortunately for us Type-A’s, that really is true. The irony that the hardest thing of all is actually doing nothing. For ‘doer’s’ this is excruciating.

After a good period of rest, and a lot of intentional ‘white space’, I was starting to crave a creative outlet.

I’d been journaling every day since January 1st (my only new year’s resolution for 2017) and I was loving writing again. I found I had a lot to say, and the more I wrote, the more I thought I could potentially help people.

Surely others out there have been through some of the same struggles, and while I’m figuring it all out myself, why not share it with the world.

My goals for this blog are three-fold:

  • Document the impending changes in my life – moving to the country, searching for more fulfilment and happiness, and making sense of some of the things I’ve been through in the past
  • Help and inspire others by providing great content, and build a community
  • Write more, and write often

Who knows where this will end up, or if launching into another long term project is even a good idea for me right now. Who knows!

All I know is this feels natural, authentic and in-line with the values and goals I’ve been mulling over during my time on the sidelines this last year. I’m trying to let go of the controlling and embrace the not-knowing. It’s the only way.

So, I hope you will join me on this journey, and below I’d love to hear about yours. Let’s do this together!


2 comments on Why I started this blog

  • Mike

    It’s amazing what comes to the surface when you step back and allow your time to breath! Very occasionally I do this. Having no purpose for a period of time is a purpose in its self! Looking forward to the journey 🙂

    • Nicole (author)

      Definitely! Taking time out is always a good thing, although its hard isn’t it! 🙂

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